April is National Poetry Month!

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I’ve been informed April is National Poetry Month!  Who knew there even was a National Poetry Month? Not me!  To celebrate, I’ll be sharing some poetry with you this month. The first selection is by Penny Frost. McGinnis  Penny loves poetry, especially haiku. These brief poems capture a moment in time, paint a picture. Writing them makes her pay attention and take note of the beautiful world God created.  Some of her favorites poets  are Robert Frost, Carl Sandburg, Emily Dickinson and Basho. Visit http://www.pennyfrostmcginnis.com/ to learn more about her and her writing journey.


SIGNS OF SPRING by Penny Frost McGinnis


signs of spring
daffodils, pansies, crocus—
real estate for sale

trillium unfurls
snow trickles into the creek—
God blows the kiss of spring

crocus spring up
gives brightness to earth—
hope to the heart

tiny blue eggs hatch—
in the corner
of the porch basket

by love—
red tulips

rain pours
grass grows—
mower rests