My latest book will be releasing today. Like me, it’s sweet and short–okay not so sweet. It’s filled with heart-pounding suspense, but it is short. NO HOME FOR THE HOLIDAY is a novella, meaning short novel. But don’t worry, you don’t get cheated. Because novellas are short, that means there’s action on every page!

Here’s what others are saying about No Home For The Holidays:

No Home for the Holidays is like curling up with a special cup of coffee and a pumpkin muffin–a warm break for a cool day. Enjoy this quick, feel-good read soon! No Home for the Holidays has winter’s glow mixed with suspense and like-able characters–a great read for the season!

–Linda Rondante, author of Looking For Justice

Not your average Christmas story, but the Gospel message still comes through. No Home for the Holidays is the perfect, quick read for the busy Christmas holidays.

– Ruth O’Neil, author of the What a Difference a Year Makes series.

“Lillian Duncan has done it again…. Penned yet another story which grabs the reader and speeds him along a road of story twists and turns.  With a background of Christmas touches, “No Home For the Holidays”  is a quick, suspenseful read with characters who make you care—from hiding secrets to finding  each other’s hearts– under God’s loving gaze.”

—Robin Bayne, author of the Gardner’s Gazebo series:  Prodigal, Samaritan and Christmas Pearl

This utterly absorbing story begins when a preacher’s path crosses that of a frightened woman who is in the midst of a desperate situation. There are engrossing twists and turns throughout and the mesmerizing suspense easily captured my interest. It was gratifying to discover the couple’s relationship with God along the way and to enjoy the thrilling ending.

— Nadine Hapaz, author of My Lord and I: Poems of Faith and Spirituality in Everyday Life

Lillian Duncan has outdone herself. “No Home For The Holidays” is a fast read but so enjoyable, I was sad when it ended. I loved the main characters, Chloe, and Colton, one a pastor on fire for His Lord and determined to remain celibate for the rest of his life, and Chloe is hiding from a past, her family, and equally determined to trust no one.

–Barbara Ann Derksen, author of Shadow Stalker


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No Home For The Holidays!



My newest release will be available in a few days on December 1, but you can preorder it now! NO HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS is part of my publisher’s Christmas Extravaganza. It features a variety of novellas in a variety of genres that have Christmas as part of the story. Since they’re novellas that means they’re short–so you can read several of them or all of them this Christmas season.  To learn more about the CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA, go to PELICAN BOOKS.  NO HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS is available now as a PREORDER.




Here’s the blurb for No Home For The Holidays:

Unlike the Prodigal Son, Chloe Sullivan knows she can’t go home for the Christmas holidays or ever—not if she wants to stay alive.

She’s resigned to the fact she must stay in hiding to keep herself and her family safe. Lonely and desperate for God’s presence, she’s drawn to a nearby church.

Ex-FBI agent turned preacher, Colton Douglas, mistakenly identifies Chloe as the person breaking into local churches. A midnight chase ensues that ends with him snapping her photo. When the photo goes public he learns more about the mystery woman than he bargained for. . .

And that changes everything!


To celebrate the release of No Home For The Holidays, five lucky winners will receive a $10 Amazon Gift card. So leave a comment HERE so you’ll be entered to win one of the gift cards. Last day to enter will be December 22 with winners being picked on the 23rd. Just in time for Christmas!

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